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In August 2002 Cadox Building Design was launched to family and friends. Our director Stephen Oxley had a great network, growing up in Lilydale so it wasn't long before Cadox out grew the study at home and moved to the main office in Lilydale. Stephen has been in the industry since 1991 and since the conception of Cadox in 2002 has grown the company exponentially. 

Our wide selection of services mean that Cadox Building Design Pty.Ltd is the one-stop-shop for all your design needs. From the initial phone call and all the way through to the final product - we will work closely with you to deliver the results you are after. We believe our work should speak for itself - have a look at some of our projects and give us a call today!

10 Reasons To Choose Cadox

  1.  We do everything for you, from designing, drafting town planning, Drawing to Construction

  2. We can design your 10 Star Home

  3. We are extremely competitive with pricing and our quality is second to none

  4. We are passionate about turning your dreams into a reality

  5. All staff at Cadox are qualified in the industry

  6. You will save time and money

  7. We are the one stop shop!

  8. Our clients are number one, and every project is dealt with in the same passion as if it was our own

  9. We have the answers to all of your project problems

  10. Cadox Building Design has over 50 years combined professional experience and advice for you